Motosacoche was a motorcycle company that was founded in 1899

They where the once biggest motorcycle company in Switzerland.

In the year 1956 they stop producing motorcycle engines,

but MAG stationary and industrial motors continued.


MAG also developed 2 types of roots compressors that for different car engines and some stand alone industrial engine.

The MAG compressor is one of the roots type and is lubricate by hand through

A little hand pump that was fitted in the engine bay.

The lubrication is a transmission SAE nr 60 mineral single grade oil.

The lubrication had to be done every 1000 miles

MAG produced 3 types for the Volkswagon 36hp engines,

the difference between the 3 are the elbow manifolds


This is the unit on a BEETLE engine with the original air cleaner mounted on it

The kit was used with a Solex 32 PBIC instate of the original 28 PCI

It is belt driven like the alternator, to get the right tension you had to shim it out

There was an extra pulley that was put in front of the original pulley



.here is the unit built on a KARMANN GHIA engine as you can see the air cleaner is still the original but the manifold coming out of the unit is different

Then of the BEETLE engine.

The coil had to be moved to the right; it was build on a metal extension incl the hand oilpump.

The mag was put on a little plateau that was weld on the original manifold




There was in the beginning a other construction for putting the MAG on the Volkswagon engine this one was lying on the site with out the entering manifold this one had the carburettor directly put on the unit

and is even rarer than the above ones.


Performance of the MAG is not the stunning but is was build for reliability

It would put about 7 to 8 bhp extra at a boost of 3 to 3.5 psi.

The top speed increase with 5.6 miles

Motosacoche recommended using hotter sparkplugs.


As far knowing there where never MAG boost gauges available

The story goes that Motosacoche was so confident in there unit that a control

Gauge not was needed.


Here is a MAG put on a Volkswagon Transporter engine.




And here is the same type of MAG unit put on a Volkswagon Beetle engine

"Note they have the same manifolds"


As you can see, here is the lying MAG unit with a different set up of the oil- hand pump (left) the coil stays in the original place.

There is also a other setup for the air cleaner, and there is a different tube air cleaner used.