Maico ring-type disk brakes


The Ring-type disk brakes where manufactured by the famous German motorcycle company MAICO

Owned by the brothers Otto and Wilhelm Maisch

MAICO bought in 1962 a patent from Entwicklungsgesellschaft OJR for making ring-type disk brakes

The idea for making disk brakes for the car industries came after MAICO realized that they should have a new product besides the manufacturing of motorcycles and 2 stroke kart engines to overcome the quit winter months.

The idea was to sell them to the car manufactures and the after market.

But to sell them to a company such as VW the MAICO Company was too small to reach that goal.

The plan was to produces about 1000 sets a month and a car manufacture like VW would use that in a working day and 1000 sets a month was even too large for them.


By 1964 the MAICO brakes were available for the VW 1200, 1500, Karmann Ghia,

Porsche 356 and even for the Peugeot 404.

The biggest problem for MAICO came when the car manufactures standard used disk brake on there new cars.

This was the begin of the ending for MAICO


MAICO brakes where for a short time imported to the USA by POLY PAD IMPORTS

And even by EMPI

They have been sold also to Australia because the introduction of disk brakes standard on VW

was much later introduced than in Europe.


MAICO Ring-type disk brakes where manufactured out of 26 inexpensive parts

The disk ring was made out of 6 mm metal.

The nice touch of the MAICO is the center brake rotor.

What present days also still is uncommon.

There are 2 different types of the MAICO Ring-type disk brakes

They have made the rotors out of aluminum or steel.




This the German advertisement for the MAICO disk-ring brakes

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This is a picture out the POLY PAD IMPORTS catalogue.